FATBOY - Dream dreams come true: Fatboy makes it possible, brings lust for life and happiness, enjoyment of life and fun, cheerfulness and fun. Deleting Dull - finished boring! This is the motto of the Fatboy collection. Taking off, relaxing, having party, lounging. Packing and fascinating is the universe of Fatboy. The name stands for a world of furniture with style, wit and charm that are as uncomplicated as versatile and always provide variety and positive surprise. Fatboy is a cult, a lifestyle brand that takes us to the wonderland of total relaxation.

Fatboy The Original, a bean bag, stands at the beginning of the legendary success story of Fatboy, which started in 2002. Its extraordinary design came exactly at the right time. And so the success in the shortest time achieved worldwide success. Today, Fatboy is a lifestyle brand that stands for a variety of products. They all promise "A Wonderfuller Life", so open up a more wonderful world, which is sympathetically relaxed, entertaining funny, fashionably styled. Fatboy is a cult. The world champion for relaxation with style will continue to surprise us with extraordinary innovations. The cult bean bag can be found in the Fatboy Shop SITZSACK.CH. Here you can find the entire Fatboy range. Inexpensive, ex warehouse, with unbeatable delivery service. Order today, delivered tomorrow. Buy Fatboy here online. Fatboy Original, Fatboy Stonewashed, Fatboy Outdoor, Fatboy Buggle-Up, Fatboy Headdock, Fatboy Hammock and all other Fatboy products. We love and live Fatboy, we are the real fatboy online specialists!



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